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postheadericon An introduction to Digital Distribution Platforms

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Digital distribution platforms are the latest and most effective delivery systems in the market today. These are nothing but content delivery networks, over which online distribution takes place. These platforms revolutionized distribution systems.

Characteristics of online distribution

Online distribution is the custom of supplying products sans the use of physical media. The products supplied through online distribution are in digital forms. The buyer can download the products directly into gadget from internet. The product types are generally web objects, downloadable objects like media files, software, documents, real time media streams, applications and internet deliveries like routes and database queries.

Content delivery network

A content delivery network is nothing but a system of computers. It contains copies of data, placed at various points in the network. The purpose of placing data at various points is to exploit the bandwidth of the network.

Benefits of online distribution

The most basic feature of online distribution is the riddance of the roles of middlemen and agents from the business process. Usually to promote their products the market, the producers take the help of marketing agents or middlemen. But with the arrival of online distribution system, the producers can advertise their products directly to the customers.

Impacts of online distribution

Online distribution generated new business models. Apart from that it makes the products cheaper for the customers and the producer also gains substantially. It improved the distribution system by making it more flexible. Instead of releasing the whole products in one go the producer can release it part by part and at a much faster rate. As a result traditional retail businesses have come under tremendous pressure.
Some prominent online distributors are 7Digital, YouTube, CD Baby, Direct2Drive, DotEmu, INgrooves, etc.

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postheadericon Email attachment problem solved

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English: Screenshot of Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.10 under Ubuntu Linux 6.10, self-made. Category:Screenshots of Linux software (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes email reception problem may arise due to some technical difficulties. The user might be able to send emails but unable to receive emails. In that case the following methods should be tried.

Verify the size and the paper clip symbol of the message

If the size of the email is more than 10 KB and there is no a ‘paper clip’ symbol attached to it, do not to open it. Verify from the sender by phone whether if he/she sent you that email, giving them the details of the email. If the reply is no, delete it quickly. The email could be carrying a virus or worm.

Check the security and option settings

Check the security and option settings to see if your email client is configured to open or handle attachments.

Check the antivirus software installed in your PC.

Check your antivirus software to find how it processes attachments. Some can filter a good attachment and label it as unreadable.

Check whether any problem occurred while sending the email

Ask the sender if they had a problem attaching the file. The file could have gotten damaged before sending to you. Ask the sender to test the attachment, by sending the same email to their own email ids first and then try opening the attachment themselves, before sending it to you.

Try to increase the ‘read’ capacity of your mailbox

Look in the options section of your client for a way of increasing its ‘read’ capacity i.e. number of lines or headers.

Check email box capacity

Ask your Internet Service Provider if your ‘webmail’ box is allowed to process attachments.

Check and adjust the modem speed if required

If you are online for quite long time and your modem is not controlled by an init string / command, your transmission speed may become slow. Consequently by the time you get the email with the attachment, the client may return an error message that you are disconnected from the POP server. If this happens, add the suitable init command.

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