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postheadericon Resolving USB drive issues – Part II

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanDisk Cruzer Micro, 4GB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article in written in continuation to the previous article headlined Resolving USB drive issues Part 1.

Symptoms of some other USB drive problems:

“Insert a Disk” Message is displayed even when USB drive is connected.
USB drive does not appear even when USB drive is connected.
USB drive appears in Device Manager but not in My Computer or Explorer.

Troubleshooting steps:

Inspect Windows policy settings in registry. Windows may have been customized to hide USB drive from My Computer or Explorer.
Fix Drive Letter Conflicts. USB drive may be trying to use a drive letter reserved for other device.


Symptoms of some more USB drive problems :
Windows displays “Drive is write protected”
Windows displays General Read/Write Error Messages


Troubleshooting steps:
Correct file system errors. If Windows is able to detect the USB drive and assign a letter to it the ‘chkdsk’ option could be used to repair any file system error on the disk.
Verify whether write protection is enabled. If write protection is enabled, disable it.
Recover lost files. Some freeware tools like TestDisk and Photorec are available to retrieve lost data.

When all Troubleshooting steps fail:

Try to recover lost data. If the drive is physically damaged it may be impossible for Windows to detect it for s/w tool recovery. Flash drives are more vulnerable to physical h/w damage compared to other types of drives.Reformat the drive. Reformatting the drive will expunge all the data on the drive but the drive could be functional.

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