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postheadericon Data Breach Prevention Impacts All Companies Today

Data breaches are not random events, nor should data breach prevention be for any large company today. Breaches in online security are the result of high tech attack methods on websites, databases and servers. These methods used to circumvent security and access secure data is generally refereed to as hacking. Essentially, hacking involves using the same tools created for online security against themselves, but can also involve analog methods that bombard servers until they are taken offline.

Average cost of data breach in Germany (source...

Average cost of data breach in Germany (source: Ponemon study)

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postheadericon The Perfect Gift Of Using Lunatik Discount Code

Lunatik has a discount code you can use for all the accessories for your cell phones and tablets. They are the best place to find covers, pen/stylus, and other items to protect your expensive electronic devices. Read the rest of this entry »

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