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Data breaches are not random events, nor should data breach prevention be for any large company today. Breaches in online security are the result of high tech attack methods on websites, databases and servers. These methods used to circumvent security and access secure data is generally refereed to as hacking. Essentially, hacking involves using the same tools created for online security against themselves, but can also involve analog methods that bombard servers until they are taken offline.

Average cost of data breach in Germany (source...

Average cost of data breach in Germany (source: Ponemon study)

Most data breaches are similar.

The goal is primarily access to private and secure information. Few companies are prepared for cyber attacks, nor able to predict what their weaknesses are against assaults by highly skilled hackers in groups. In some cases, modern hacking incidents have leaked millions of names, addresses, social security numbers, user names, passwords, credit card numbers and even PIN numbers within minutes. Such information is strategically made available to download from anywhere globally, also in minutes.

These are common place events online today.

In general, most companies need to focus on creating their own IT departments and inner security infrastructure, instead of relying on outside technical support. Their online websites need to be regularly updated, but also all aspects of data breach prevention need to be understood by employees from the bottom to the top of the ladder. The better informed members of a company network are about safety and online security, each is more likely to help prevent a serious data breach in progress.

Employees need to be educated in data breach prevention for another more simple reason, to recognize how sensitive data is stolen. The majority of data breaches are due to an internal email virus being released by some unwitting and uneducated employee on the company network. Everyone and every computer is a potential point of data breach, so all employees with access must be better educated to prevent hacking by proxy. Regular risk assessment tests should be performed internally, so that company networks can maintain the highest possible security standards.

Online data breach prevention is a concept that impacts all companies today, especially if their business retains large volumes of private customer information. Without the proper security protocols and data breach defenses, a well executed infiltration of the company network could release information all registered customers. All companies must have a data breach prevention plan to insure that customer and corporate data is secure and safe.


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