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The establishment of social networks, most notably Facebook, has permanently revolutionized the method in which we exchange details with others. Like its predecessors in interactive technology, Facebook has actually made it conveniently simple to discuss our lives with others.

While many great developments have come from Facebook, there are many shortcomings that come along with it, the most glaring are its usage and possession of the content that its customers post on their network. With Facebook, users forfeit the right to possess everything that they add onto the network. Regardless of exactly how little or insignificant it could be, Facebook uses all of these posts to generate revenue for themselves and their shareholders – leaving the users with only a platform to give their content away. With over a billion monthly active users, the website has become a marketing and advertising goldmine for big businesses.

This endless well of wealth is one which Facebook is flawlessly happy to keep to itself, which is downright outrageous when you think of it. The reality that this is exactly how Facebook runs is a sign of their core values; like practically any existing firm, they already existing to benefit themselves above all else. Any type of enhancements and adjustments that are made to their network are done with that sole intention to enhance the profits that they can make off of their users to pay their Wall Street shareholders.

User input takes a rear seat to this profit-driving mindset, which is why time and time again, Facebook has been surpassed by rivals in industries such as picture-sharing, and mobile messaging – where they have had to resort to purchasing other companies that do it better. Like any kind of profit-centric company, Facebook has been determined to snuff its competitors by purchasing them and then turning them into profit-driven businesses to the dissatisfaction of the users.

Many of the issues that Facebook users have experienced have been addressed with the launch of the social network Empowr. At Empowr, they have built a profit-centric business model like Facebook, except unlike Facebook, Empowr shares all of its revenue with its users based on the value that they contribute.

empowrWhiteBG00The world has already seen everyday individuals becoming internet celebrities each and every single day many thanks to the content that they publish on Blog and video sites. The exact same could not be shared of the world’s present social networks. Even individuals who originally build up their appeal on typical social networks wind up opting to host their own material somehow or another simply due to exactly how adverse the current earnings designs are. To fix this broken model, Empowr has given its users a way to share their content, and get paid based on the actual value that it creates.

At Empowr, every user is entitled to whatever monetary value their contributions on the network create. Whether it’s a video clip of someone playing the guitar, or an intellectual conversation of the implications of string theory, every contribution that people make to the Empowr social network is theirs to assert.

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