postheadericon How to buy a good laptop backpack?

Laptop backpacks have really improved over last few years. However, finding a good backpack that suits our need perfectly is still a challenging task. In this guide you will find some tips how to choose perfect laptop bag for your needs.


The first thing to consider is size. You have to check if a backpack is big enough to fit your laptop. Moreover, also make sure that there is enough space for other items you carry around (tablets, chargers, documents, lunch etc.). However, I suggest you not to go too big, because it can get unpractical when you are in crowded spaces like subways.

Second thing, make sure that backpack has proper padding and is comfortable to carry around. With laptop and other items, backpacks can get pretty heavy and good padded shoulder straps can really make it much more comfortable to carry them.


Third, backpack should offer proper protection for your laptop. It happens from time to time that you accidentally drop your bag and in those cases your laptop has to survive without scratches.


Depending on your lifestyle and your needs you should also consider extra features such as padded compartments for your iPad and phone, build in power bank to charge your portable devices etc. Those extras might not sound important but often they really make the experience.

Brands I suggest you to look for are Wenger, Swissgear, Belkin and Case Logic. If you are a bit tight with money, you should consider AmazonBasic. It is Amazon’s low cost brand, but their quality seems to be pretty good.

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