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Are you currently in the job market? If you’ve worked a few jobs, chances are you know how to negotiate and fight for your salary. But if this is your first job, you might be willing to take whatever you can get. This is the biggest pitfall that most new employees fall into and it’s an employer’s dream. The idea of finally have job security after searching for months and months to find a job and when you finally find one, you want to do nothing else except say “I’ll take it!”


You want to avoid that. Ask about a possible higher salary.

90% of employers budget out between X and Y amount of dollars and when they give you an offer letter, the amount will range somewhere towards the lower end (X) up to the middle range.

Even just getting $3000 more dollars can earn you an extra $100,000 over the course of your working career just from negotiating salary.

Do yourself a favor and negotiate for a higher salary. Employers will NEVER revoke an offer letter because you wanted more money. They may revoke an offer because of an unfinished degree or that you lied on your resume but never because you wanted to negotiate.

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