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Nowadays, social networking has become the most popular and the most convenient way to share knowledge, information, and content, with others. Social networking sites are those sites which are meant for hosting social media. They aim to build communities of people who seem to share similar interests and activities, or, who are curious to come into terms with the interests and activities of other people. In other words, a social networking site is more like a virtual meeting place where people meet, interact with each other, and share their thoughts. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking website.

Some Common Problems in Facebook

In this section, we discuss some of the common problems, which are frequently faced by the users, while operating in Facebook.

Problem #1

“I am unable to load games in Facebook”

Facebook has several interesting and popular games like Farmville, YoVille, Cityville, Cafe, Fishworld, and so on. In order to load these games in Facebook, you have to set the flash plug in, to permit third party content. You may follow these simple steps –
i) First of all you need to go to the Flash Player Global Storage Settings Panel.
ii) Check mark the option ‘Allow third party flash content to store data on your computer’.

Problem #2

“My Facebook Chat is running extremely slow”

If you find your Facebook Chat to be too slow and unresponsive, then you need to upgrade your internet browser. This will ensure better connectivity and speed.

Problem #3

“I am unable to connect to Facebook on Mozilla Firefox”

In order to resolve this issue, first of all you need to find out whether you are able to connect to Facebook on other browsers. If yes, then you may follow these steps –
i) At first, try clearing the cookies and the cache memory.
ii) Check the cookie settings whether your browser is allowed to accept cookies. If yes, also make sure that Facebook is not in the exceptions list.
iii) Check the JavaScript settings and make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

For more advanced troubleshooting, you need to avail the services of tech support.

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