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When you go out clubbing with your friends, you’re out to have a great time, to forget about the troubles of the world and get wrapped up in the music. Even though the music brings you in, you also go to the club to be seen and to stand out from the crowd and to catch the eye of that sexy guy or girl. Getting noticed isn’t easy in a crowded, dark club and if you want your personality to really shine through, you really have to pay close attention to what you’re wearing.

You are a unique and interesting individual and what you wear should reflect and celebrate you and your ideals. By far, hats and caps are one of the most popular ways to express yourself and tell people what you’re all about without saying a word. Proudly displaying your favorite band, sports team or alcohol brand is one thing, but doing it with style is quite another. You can’t buy an off-the-rack hat or cap and expect to be get the attention you want, for that, you need to go just a little bit further and think outside the box. What you really want is a cap that’s one of a kind and as unique as you are.

18092014_DJ_Snake__DJ__casquette_graff_personnaliseretouche (1)

Setting yourself apart and making an impact means you really have to wear something truly unique and HeartJacking, a Voiron, France company has just what you need. They’ve got a unique and innovative selection of highly personalized, custom-made hats and caps that take your look beyond ordinary and propel it into the extraordinary. They’ve introduced some of the coolest products to hit the market, combining art, music and fashion to make a statement. Nobody else offers so many glow in the dark, personalized baseball caps and hats and even helmets as Heartjacking does.

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