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postheadericon Why You Should Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

A Facebook page is a public profile created by a business, an organization, a celebrity or anyone seeking to promote their self publicly through Facebook- an affordable and perhaps permanent social media. A customized Facebook page enables you to post stories, host events, add apps of your business or brands, etc. to your fans. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon How Empowr and Facebook Are Changing the World

The establishment of social networks, most notably Facebook, has permanently revolutionized the method in which we exchange details with others. Like its predecessors in interactive technology, Facebook has actually made it conveniently simple to discuss our lives with others. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Cheap Facebook ads

Did you know Facebook advertising has become amazingly popular in marketing? Yet due to the changes from Facebook, many struggle to achieve profitable results and low ad costs in their advertising campaigns. See the video above for some tips on how to reduce costs of your Facebook ads.

postheadericon An introduction to Digital Distribution Platforms

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

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Digital distribution platforms are the latest and most effective delivery systems in the market today. These are nothing but content delivery networks, over which online distribution takes place. These platforms revolutionized distribution systems.

Characteristics of online distribution

Online distribution is the custom of supplying products sans the use of physical media. The products supplied through online distribution are in digital forms. The buyer can download the products directly into gadget from internet. The product types are generally web objects, downloadable objects like media files, software, documents, real time media streams, applications and internet deliveries like routes and database queries.

Content delivery network

A content delivery network is nothing but a system of computers. It contains copies of data, placed at various points in the network. The purpose of placing data at various points is to exploit the bandwidth of the network.

Benefits of online distribution

The most basic feature of online distribution is the riddance of the roles of middlemen and agents from the business process. Usually to promote their products the market, the producers take the help of marketing agents or middlemen. But with the arrival of online distribution system, the producers can advertise their products directly to the customers.

Impacts of online distribution

Online distribution generated new business models. Apart from that it makes the products cheaper for the customers and the producer also gains substantially. It improved the distribution system by making it more flexible. Instead of releasing the whole products in one go the producer can release it part by part and at a much faster rate. As a result traditional retail businesses have come under tremendous pressure.
Some prominent online distributors are 7Digital, YouTube, CD Baby, Direct2Drive, DotEmu, INgrooves, etc.

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postheadericon Troubleshooting tips for Computer Speaker

English: A pair of speakers for notebook compu...

English: A pair of speakers for notebook computers made by Logitech. They both are powered and audio-connected to the computer via USB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audio speaker is the output peripheral connected to a PC for hearing sound. A sound driver is must for the PC to play audio. In case the speaker does not play the audio then try the following methods.

1. First inspect the speaker plug. The usual color code of the speaker is lime green since 1999. The speaker label may mention speakers or headphones. Picture symbols include curved lines and a line with a dot going out from the center. Sometimes a picture of a speaker or even headphones may found. Generally the back portion of the PC may contain the plugs but some newer computers will have plugs on both the front and back.

2. Ensure the speaker is powered up. Some cheap speakers can be plugged directly to the computer and do not need a separate power source. The computer connector usually provides a minimum of 1V to the speakers. The intensity of the sound in these speakers is low, even at maximum volume. Most of the speakers need a separate DC power to amplify the sound.

3. If DC power is required for the speakers, then ensure the power plug is connected to the speaker and the outlet. Sometimes the speaker has subwoofers and power is derived from the subwoofers.

4. The USB speakers receive the power from the USB port on the PC. The USB ports can supply maximum of 5V to the speaker. Read the rest of this entry »

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