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Lunatik has a discount code you can use for all the accessories for your cell phones and tablets. They are the best place to find covers, pen/stylus, and other items to protect your expensive electronic devices.

Lunatik has the ultimate in protection for your cell phones, tablets, and other devices you use for communication. After all, you don’t want to replace it every time you have a small spill or drop one of your devices. Lunatik helps protect your devices and that helps on your pocketbook.

They have a Flax Jacket for your iPad mini. It’s a durable skin or sleeve composed of a composite of microfiber textile polyurethane. It’s the ultimate in protection for your iPad. It’s lightweight, so you don’t have any extra weight in your back pocket. It’s also form fitting to the exact measure of your iPad. Plus, the Flax Jacket is skid proof, impact resistance, and resists scratches and abrasions from use.

You can use a Lunatik discount code to order as many as you need or as many as your household has in use. They are easy to fit right to your iPad and they will work with or without Apple’s iPad mini smart cover. They just Velcro on and you’re ready to protect your iPad.

Lunatik discount code can also be used for their Chubby Stylus. It’s the perfect gift for the artist in your family. The Chubby Stylus is a short, stubby stylus that fits right into the smallest of hands, but is comfortable for bigger hands. They can be used on any touch screen such as the iPad, Windows tablets or other cell phones and tablets.

You can use the Chubby Stylus with any color you want or any art program you want. It gives the user the perfect pen to color cartoons or CAD drawings. It’s the seamless spectrum for artists and art software programs.

The tips is rubber, which works on any touch screen and it can help your child or the artist in your family express their ideas in imagination of the monster under the bed to the reality of their dream car. The applications are only limited to the imagination.

The short, stubby shape fits into any hand with a responsiveness you just have to try out to see for yourself how it flows over the images. They come in an array of colors and works with any art software programs. Use the Lunatik discount code to get several for your kids to use while traveling or to use with the homework.

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